Game-Changing Canva Updates: Everything You Need to Know About Canva’s New Glow Up

Canva Create is an annual event where Canva showcases its latest innovations and features designed to enhance the creative experience. This year, I attended the live event and witnessed the unveiling of the new Canva glow-up. It was an incredible experience, and I'm thrilled to share with you a summary of the new features that will streamline your creative process and boost your productivity. Let's get into it!

Canva Create Stage

Table of Contents

Editor Enhancements

1. New Editor Interface

The refreshed editor interface has been redesigned for a more focused creative experience. Menus now get out of the way when not in use, providing more space for your design. Also, the new smart toolbar at the top suggests the best editing options based on your design actions.

Canva Design Space

2. Magic Design

Magic Design helps you to quickly create a curated selection of personalized and on-brand designs tailored just for you. Just click the Design tab and type in a prompt describing what you'd like to create. Whether you need a social media post, presentation, or video, Magic Design can help you get started.

Canva Magic Design

3. Magic Write

Magic Write is an AI-powered tool that helps you create and formalize text. You can also add your brand’s voice or your own custom voice to the text, ensuring consistency across your designs. Simply highlight the text, click Magic Write on the toolbar, and select the desired style.

canva magic write

4. Magic Edit

Magic Edit allows you to edit parts of photos using AI. Select the part of the photo you want to edit, click Magic Edit, and use the AI selection tools and description box to make your changes.

Canva Magic Edit

5. Magic Grab

Use Magic Grab to manipulate objects within your designs. Select the photo, click Edit, and use Magic Grab to move objects easily and accurately wherever you'd like.

Canva Magic Grab

6. Magic Eraser 

Magic Eraser is an AI-powered tool that helps you remove unwanted elements from your photos effortlessly. Just select the area you want to erase, and Magic Eraser will seamlessly remove it, leaving the rest of your image intact. This feature is perfect for cleaning up photos and making quick edits. To use this feature, select the photo, click Edit, select Magic Eraser, and brush over the object in the photo you would like to erase.

Canva Magic Eraser

7. One-Click Background Remover

The Background Remover tool allows you to easily remove the background from any image with just one click. This feature is especially useful for creating professional-looking designs without the need for complex photo editing software. Select your image, click the Background Remover button, and watch as the background is instantly removed.

Canva Background Remover

8. Magic Media

Magic Media can now create graphics in addition to images and videos. This feature expands your creative possibilities, allowing you to generate more diverse content. To use it, click on the Elements tab, select Generate Your Own and click on the Graphics section. Enter what you'd like Canva to create, and click Generate Graphics.

Canva Magic Media

9. Magic Sort

Automatically sort and organize elements in your whiteboard design with Magic Sort. Add sticky notes with the “s” key, highlight them, and select sort to organize them by topic, color, or name. This tool helps keep your workspace tidy and efficient.

Canva Magic Sort

10. Magic Switch

Switch between different types of projects seamlessly using Magic Switch. You can access this feature by clicking Resize & Magic Switch, Selecting Transform into Doc, and selecting whichever type of project you want your current design to change into.

Canva Magic Switch

11. Magic Animate

Bring your designs to life with animated elements. Select an element, click Animate, and select Magic Animate to see which animations Canva recommends for your design. 

Canva Magic Animations

Branding and Design Tools 

1. Easy Logo Updates

Updating logos across your designs is now easier than ever. Use this feature to quickly replace and update logos across designs, ensuring brand consistency throughout your projects. 

From Canva's home screen, go to the Brand Kits section, select your Brand Kit, and click the three dots in the upper-right corner of the old logo. Select Replace Across Designs and select the designs which you want to switch the logo out. Indicate which will be the new logo on the next screen, preview, and replace the logo easily and quickly.

Canva Logo Replace

2. Styles

Maintain brand consistency with Styles. You can now apply your brand or a premade style to any design with a single click, easily applying your brand's colors, fonts, and styles to your design. Don't like the location of the color change? Click the style again to shuffle the locations of each color within the design.

Canva Styles

3. Video Mockups

Easily create video mockups in Canva! Start by adding a grid or frame from the Elements tab. You can then drag and drop any video right into the grid or frame. 

Canva Video Mockup

4. Video Highlights

The Video Highlights feature allows you to quickly identify and highlight the best clips in your videos. To use this feature, select your video, click the Trim button, and click Highlights. Canva will then automatically scan your video content and select the most engaging moments.

Canva Video Highlights

5. AI Audio Enhancements

The Audio Enhancer feature allows you to improve the sound quality of your audio tracks. It automatically removes background noise, balances volume levels, and enhances clarity, making your audio crisp and clear. To use Audio Enhancer, simply upload your audio file, click the Audio button, and toggle on the Enhance Voice setting. 

Canva AI Audio Enhancer

Collaboration and Team Features

1. Commenting System

Collaboration is now more efficient with the enhanced commenting system. Comment badges and panels allow for precise communication with your team, ensuring all feedback is clear and actionable.

Canva Comments

2. Customized Workspace

Organize your workspace by starring folders and designs, and customizing sections to suit your workflow. This feature helps keep your most important assets easily accessible.

Canva Customize Workspace

3. Canva Courses

Canva Courses offer a new way to onboard and train your team. Use presentations, whiteboards, or videos to create engaging training materials and track progress.

Canva Courses

Canva Docs Updates

1. Suggestion Mode

Use Suggestion Mode for collaborative editing and add page breaks to organize your documents. These features make document editing more efficient and structured. Click Editing and select Suggesting to use this feature.

canva suggestion mode

2. Page Breaks

Now you can organize documents with page breaks. Click anywhere on a document and select the plus button that pops up to the left to add a page break. 

Canva Page Break

3. Columns

Change up your document's layout by adding columns. Go to the Elements tab, select Columns, and choose your preferred column style to organize your content effectively.

Canva Columns

4. Outlines

Navigate through documents easily with the outline feature. Click Outline in the left-bottom bar area of the document to see an overview of your document's sections and quickly jump to any part you need. 

Canva Outline

5. One-Click Formatting

Quickly format text with the new one-click shortcuts. Highlight the text and click H2 on the toolbar to apply headers or styles instantly.

Canva formatting shortcuts

6. Colorful Highlight Blocks

Enhance your documents with colorful highlight blocks to emphasize important information. To access this feature, click on Elements, scroll down and find the Highlight Blocks section.

Canva Highlight Blocks

Productivity Tools

1. Bulk Create

Bulk Create allows you to quickly produce multiple versions of the same design with small customizations. By uploading a CSV or Excel file, you can update images, text, and graphics across various designs in just a few clicks, saving you hours of manual effort. 

Canva Bulk Create

2. Canva Work Kits

Canva Work Kits provide a curated set of templates and apps designed to help you work more efficiently. These kits are ideal for streamlining your workflow and ensuring consistency across your projects.

Canva Work Kits


1. Ad Tech Integration

Utilize Canva's ad tech tools to help you optimize your marketing efforts. These integrations allow you to create, manage, and analyze ad campaigns directly within Canva, streamlining your workflow and improving efficiency. 

Canva Ad Tech Integrations

2. Integrated Productivity Apps

Canva now integrates with productivity apps like Asana,, and Slack. These integrations streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration, making it easier than ever to complete your tasks.

Canva Integrated Apps

What's Next?

The Canva glow up has introduced an array of powerful new features designed to streamline your creative process and boost your productivity. With these new additions, Canva is now more equipped than ever to help you create stunning, professional designs quickly and easily.

To see these new features in action, check out my friend Pam Allen's YouTube channel. Pam has a series of detailed videos demonstrating how to use each of these features effectively, making it even easier for you to get the most out of Canva's latest updates. Happy designing!